Tuesday, 23 January 2018
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Let’s face it, watering restrictions are now a way of life and while you might grumble about the inconvenience, in the end practicing sound planning, planting and maintenance of your garden will reduce it’s reliance on mains water.

A drought tolerant garden does not mean a dead or desert garden, nor does it necessarily mean a lawn – free garden, it involves reinstating varieties of plants and surface mediums that will sustain themselves and continue to look great.

A true fascination with Australia’s natural rock, timber and native plant species and the creative ways in which we are able to utilize them in our designs is our speciality.

“Untidy looking, messy and grow to big” I can hear you say. These are the usual concerns, clients have about Australian Natives and in the past this has most likely been the case due to lack of knowledge and variety of species available.

Our display at the Queenscliff Seafood Festival in Princes Park on Good Friday was an example of how natural boulders and rocks incorporated with natives can create not only a striking but functional and interactive look for your garden. These two and a half tonne mudstone slab rocks and timeless granitic boulders work really well as ready made seats with the added advantage of being stunningly beautiful.

The garden has for centuries been a place of calm away from the distractions that go along with being surrounded by walls, an outdoor space within the vicinity of ones home will always be an asset to treasure.

Contact Hurricane Landscapes now and let them create a whirlwind of unique ideas for you.